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Inari Omakase - Vadistanbul
Inari Omakase - Vadistanbul
Inari Omakase - Vadistanbul


Opened in 2018 on the bustling street of Vadistanbul Shopping Mall, Inari Omakase welcomes guests with a spacious open-air garden for 60 people and a stylish interior for 70 people.

Among the most distinguished restaurants in Vadistanbul, Inari Omakase brings together the unique flavors of the Far East and Japanese cuisine.

In addition to beloved items from our Kuruçeşme and Etiler branches, special offerings tailored to this location are also featured on our menu.

Our garden area provides a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere where you can enjoy forest views and fresh air accompanied by melodies selected by our DJs.

Inari Omakase Vadistanbul can accommodate pets in the garden area, and inside, pets are welcome if they are in a bag or a cage.

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