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Inari Omakase - Etiler
Inari Omakase - Etiler
Inari Omakase - Etiler


Located on the most beautiful corner of Nispetiye Street, Inari Piku has been welcoming guests since July 2022 with its unique architecture and spacious interior. The venue, spread over a total area of 830 square meters, offers personalized guest experiences with a sophisticated sushi bar, a spacious kitchen, and three private rooms.

Inari Piku, with its elegant interior seating arrangement for 70 people and an outdoor seating area for 120 people where you can enjoy clean air, also hosts specially designed rooms for all kinds of presentations and storytelling for your business and social meetings.

Inviting guests on a rich gastronomic journey, Inari Piku promises to transform the dining experience into unforgettable moments adorned with art and flavor, with daily omakase selections of delicious seafood and energetic DJ performances.

For this unique atmosphere, we have a Dress Code, and our valued guests are expected to follow a Smart Casual dress style.

At 8-10 Inari Etiler, we welcome guests aged 0-10 and pets between 10:00-18:00 on a daily basis.

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